Closing eyes

“Closing eyes as the greatest sensation

Raging branches unloading their wrath

Upon my desolate and helpless path

Whilst it goes on searching for predation.

Closing eyes,a hug is more intoxicating

Your lover’s Kiss is way more unforgettable

Almost seen as endless,everlasting

And maybe capable of healing any mistake regrettable.

I close my eyes to delight my ears

Which evoke a memory through a melody

From a melody that expels all despicable fears

Though collecting good vibes which serve as remedy.

Feeling you,you make me close my eyes

Eyes whose pupils seen to widen

As any relentless drug that can make you fly

Involving into your organism aiming to frighten.

Eyes that will close endlessly

Even though we try to elude it

Why not accepting this fact worthily

If it has provided us such joy when living it?”

*Poem translated from another own creation in Spanish named as ”Cerrando los ojos”*

The Vow

“Our eyes signed a vow which said:

‘We’re licensed to be friend with the right of loving each other

Our souls are bound to share bed

Our Love is tied no matter how it seems to smother’

I cannot tell you anything you don’t know about Poetry

She so wisely looks for a pretext to allure you

Ineffable sensation evoking your figure resembling geometry

Any other women being at your level I never knew.

Instructive moral gifts provided reciprocally

Doing one thousand crazy things ignoring everyone around us

All I learned from you,you taught me to feel regardless my inner fuss

Because your greatness is imposible to gauge exactly.

Fingers encountering and eager to criss-cross

Like if they were destined to never untangle

I wish an uscathed idyll doesn’t mean a loss

Between these lovers whose goals are the best in any angle.

No person would even believe

The unfathomable fidelity two people can plead

Though this vow also an important part leaves:

‘The majesty of our Love will always succeed'”

*Poem translated from another own creation in Spanish named as”El pacto”*



Society Reduced to Nothing

“A world where superficiality is

For us the most superfluous thing in this Earth

Why not feeling with highly profound mirth

That everyone is a useful wiz?

A world where men behave as such

Not depicting themselves as a simple monster

Who denigrate ande despise as much

As they think women are preys to be conquered.

A world where every social exclusion could be a thing of the past

And no torment lingers in our memory

Nor any interfering thought that could thwart our desire to longer last

‘Cause we’ve aspired that goal in our History.

A world where Love is the only thing used

As our main and extraordinary currency

Relinquishing money is an urgent emergency

If we don’t want our moral to be abused.

A world filled with sincere politicians

Not filled with a herd of incompetent people

Whose goal is being the first as a primary mission

At expenses of leaving our nation crippled

That world…that utopian world…

Expecting that somebody hears from me something

We’re still living in a Society Reduced to Nothing.”

*Second part of the poem previously posted and translated from Spanish”Sociedad Reducida a Nada”*

Society reduced to nothing

“Where we are taught to compete

Since an early age eager to beat

Forging an attitude with fierce wickedness

And feelings that discard a future wellness.

Where they are brought up stalkers

Instead of students with values

They are inculcated as violent talkers

Observing their awareness devalued.

Where it’s eased to make something akin to Love

Yest,it is not,we aren’t taught to Love.

We are only taught to pursue manipulation

And those kindly people succumbing that domination.

Where it is widely used “Falsebook”

Pretending to act with a Brand new look

Which really doesn’t define you as a valuable person

Since its purpose is becoming it an “aristocratic lesson”.

Where society takes over souls

At expenses of power and money

Which rule through an authoritarian roles

And weapons found as tools funny.

Where prejudice is the King

And people are its tamed subjects

No matter been governed by useless insects

As long as Law is an abided thing.

Where tolerance fades out

Not even the poorest deserves it

Though the richest can afford it

With resignation it must be looked out.”

*First part of the poem translated from Spanish titled “Sociedad Reducida a Nada”*

Behind the glass

“Such a envy this rain arouses me

Though feeling its delicate lightnings

Which strike randomly everything

In this whole blessed sky I can see.

Lunging towards your fingers like a landslide

Landslide whose drops continuously touch you

As if in your palm this drop could mark you

Mark that sensing your skin,a scream of joy can’t hide.

Raindrops sneaking through your ajar window

And slither on your flawless body

It’s all a trivial thought lingering in the limbo

By which your presence I cannot embody”

*Poem Translated as faithful as possible from another own creation in Spanish “Tras el Cristal”*

Thanks to you

“You have beheld me buildin’ up my self

Indeed,you’ve been involved in doing it

Your wisdom changed my life itself

Teaching me never to quit.

You gave me shelter when I was in trouble

Diminishing my sense of anxiety

Thanks to you it vanish’d my bubble

That many days I must bear in society.

Silent soliloquys are still echoing in my head

Those which I wanted to share with you

But the Goddess Cowardice prohibited to look ahead

Yet you helped me to cope it and to get it through.

I confess there will never be gratitude enough

To thank you for releasing me these handcuffs”


“In my harshest days of solitude you appear

As a savior for the most profound concflict

Knowing you’re present I have no fear

And before you,all my worries I can depict.

So many undermine your power and relevance

But grief,pain and heartache needed of your aid

Eventually those would assert a prevalence

That would slash those disbelievers like a blade.

Evoking your essence is restrained only to those

Who knew Pity like Wilfred Owen once said

Yet you could allure everyone to come close

And make them stare beholding you’re not dead.

It is rather obvious I would’ve not gladdened

If our gratifying encounter never had happened”

I wish I could

“I wish I could be a dove

To rise flight way up high

Thus showing you my Love

By approaching you more nigh.

I wish I could be the sun

Being able to caress your skin

Hoping just to be the only one

Who can behold your figure thin.

I wish I could be the wind

So that I’m capable of feeling your hair

I can’t figure out inside my mind

If your beauty can be compared.

I wish I could be so many things

Yet I bet I have no wings”

I saw you

“My eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing

Since your presence revived from the ashes

I wonder if I am still a human being

Because my inner ‘I’ completely crushes.

My soul was about to crumble

Since other men are the one you’ll only see

These feelings only make me tremble

Depriving me of knowing the sense of being free.

Even though I have suffered because of you

There is nothing I could chide you for

I wish Destiny by your life pass through

And delivers you the best gift never given before.

I hope a sweet memory you always keep of me

And retain in your mind we were a blissful ‘We'”



Wandering randomly

“I wandered lonely as a cloud

As William Wordsworth used to be

But my path was to sneak through the crowd

Instead on Nature focusing my plea.

Roaming crowdedly alone despite

Ignoring children’s childish plays

Admiring all that wonderful sight

Craving for possessing such beauty one day.

No matter how unknown places seemed hostile

Its beauty provided me an accurate way

Should I imagine the curve of your smile

As something sublime to pray?

For small streets can offer inspiration

Yet holding you in my bosom must be the greatest sensation”