I Feel like…

«I feel like I have to Love and I can’t
I feel like I have to feel and just wait,
My wished and inexorable fate
Will be clinging to a memory that joy can grant.
I just want my prayer to be heard,
Since your Company makes my soul stir.»

*Poem translated from another own piece in Spanish titled as «Tengo ganas»*


Like a 29th of February

«Like the privilege of witnessing a 29th of February
I think many people might still seem wary
When they’re told my Love for you is pure and sincere
Like the purity of a shooting star considered highly dear.
Never Should I doubt about this precious joy
That sweeps every prejudice and obstacle,
Our union resembles a hopeful and infallible Oracle
Which augurs a bond no one can destroy.
Obvious it is like you no one could be ever compared,
That’s why this devotion I have for you the world must share.»

*Poem translated from another own piece in Spanish titled as »Como un 29 de Febrero»*

My Spain

«There is no better place to live in,

It is a sensation worse than real sin.

Admiring our politicians with other countries fraternized,

Who without hesitating,give away our money at any price.

It must decipher our problems with our identities,

It can’t be possible there are so many in our nation.

There must be a complete cleavage in all entities,

Giving no chance to our national fixation.

We achieve through our demon with mustache

The most despicable and vile genocide.

Through our seagull-shaped eyebrow man a backlash

So intense that thwarted dozens of families’ pride.

Through our curved-shaped tongue man

We discover how virtuous a gentleman can be,

That even swimming against the tide,his plan

For our welfare can be our most desirable plea.

Appreciating from our living room his impeccable oratory

Listening to him is like being absolutely in glory,

In this world one cannot imagine how many people are drawn

To this unique individual who pushes our country more and more on.

There is no such noble Art than Bullfighting

And such idle pastime than torturing,

Leaving women as the main culprit

Becoming hypocrysy our precious pulpit.

Such misfortune is embracing four languages

Due to our understanding is much worse.

Whilst other brag they have uniformity,of course

Claiming there is a necessity to avoid future bandages.

¡How privilege and joyous in this place full of fun

For living in a country willing to integrate everyone,

Where tolerance and respect are followed to a tee

And freedom and democracy is all we can see!»

To my idyllic lover

«They may say Distance means forgetting

Closeness’ most faithful foe,

I cannot forget you though,

Your image for months in my mind has been setting.

Ninety days are such an eternity

For that who now believes in Love

Now trusting in achieving serenity

For life has given me a required shove.

Uncertainty invades my inner soul

Unaware of the magnitud of her scars

Though it might be seen like they’re sole

A relapse can leave her recovery very sparse.

From within,the monster would emanate

And not only it would definitely wait

But also it would be exterminated

For our Love above all things dominated.

In the labyrinth of your soul I meet myself

And in your innocent gaze I lose myself,

Your impeccable kisses penetrate deep inside me

While this summer resembles a winter I cannot see.

You’ve been my light after the darkness

My muse,my inspiration,my spiritual adviser

Your confidence for me is the most harmless

Thing that can every day become a man wiser.

I feel like I’m dying in life by having you aloof

Yet I know my Destiny with you is becoming old

I believe my Love for you I’ll always hold

I can confess my eternal compromise is my best proof»

*Poem translated from another own creation in Spanish titled «A una idílica amante»*




The longest week

«Only the splatter of the solemn rain

Can presage this very unexpected tragedy

An episode of a consequence full of pain,

Even the best prophet couldn’t think of such strategy.

The Love of my life fades away

With her disturbingly beautiful smile

In my mind she needs to stay

Keeping her unusual and distinctive style.

In the corner of my eye a small drop slides

Believing that I will never see you again,

While the rain rages and it stick into my brain

I’m still thinking my heart will divide.

Being paralyzed while you pass by,

Possesing a letter unaddressed

A simple imaginary feint,lousy and shy

Allowing the encounter to be repressed.

Perceiving a word of denial

On her lips that completely shatters me

This situation seems to be a trial

To prove how my felicity delays for me.

Wishing to have you by my side

It’s the most indecipherable joy

The biggest howl of hope for a lonely boy

And I predict this cry someday will be replied.

One cannot foretell the future

Much less the almighty Love

My relief is you could applied your suture

And finally being both the happiest thereof.»

*Poem translated from another own creation in Spanish titled as «La Semana más larga»*



Yearned Reality

«Indelible mark your footprint makes as getting by

Fleeting trail your figure emanates as passing by

No matter how unknown my place in earth I am

For your skin exudes a scent turning my brain into a jam.

By your bewitching beauty I stayed spellbound

So many cravings I could undergo in this instant

Maybe my own sense and perception is blurred and drowned

Or perhaps your presence is essential,even being distant.

Our encounter offers the most unchaste wildness

Kisses,caresses,moans inoculated in my memory such sickness.

I close and open my eyes and you vanished,I see nothing

This strange sensation is a real torment,

While my mood is crying his biggest lament

Not possessing you is like,in my life,I left something»

*Poem translated from another own creation in Spanish titled »Realidad anhelada»*


«In this abyss few men could survive

To this dismal end everyone can succumb

Sheltered in a feeling of being somehow numb

I confess behind this paper I’ll always strive.

Obviating my persistent sentece would be of unconscious

I’d bet undertaking the most dauntless madness

Rescuing our withered Love bound to blackness.

Unusual authenticity I’ll never see in other ladies,

As I visualize you,our encounter could be close,maybe.

Being atheist,I’m praying God for offering such divinity

I hail your coming for my life gains calmness to infinity.»

*Poem translated from another own creation in Spanish titled as»El Olvido»*

Latent hypocrisy

«Surrounded by absolute cinism one is involved

Deceived,outraged,scammed by the most spurious ruse

From a scarce minority whose trick’s still unsolved

Yet fostering perfidy,insensitivity causing a strong bruise.

Our health and dignity smuggled

All kind of inventions delivered

Society’s heart and lung shivered,

Our lives coping fears more huddled.

Our striking rectangular partner seems to walk with us

Whose fidelity looks like,to all of us,to be always eternal

Though a knife may come from him without realising,thus

Shattering our safety and turning into something infernal.

Under a curtain of miseries we are bound to live

Yet Love is the only element resorting to

Otherwise,in this theatre play we’ll be mostly blue,

Dehumanized where our community have no one to give.

Pen and canvas as the main source of sincerity,really true

I’d want this infamous curtain doesn’t bump into my way

I wish as soon as possible,it doesn’t transform into a stray

Though the only play I want to be part of is that with You»

*Poem translated from another own creation in Spanish named as «Hipocresía latente»*


Two similar paradoxes

«Often questioned about my emotional condition

A disproportionate frenzy that wraps my vital existence

No matter how far I am,it is quite clear my volition

For her skin exudes a scent which leads me to resistance.

By your bewitching beauty I stayed spellbound

So much my yearning has to be in this instant

That my perception might get a little bit more distant

Or simply your voice must be my favourite sound.

Our encounter offers the most unchaste wildness

Kisses,caresses,moans inoculated in my brain with mildness.

I open and close my eyes and you vanished,I see nothing

This bizarre feeling is a huge torment

While my integrity can barely mean something

Since disowning you is my biggest lament.»

*Poem translated from another own creation in Spanish named as »Dos paradojas similares»*

Where does it go?

«Organic wastes straight to a futile rubbish dump

Memorial vestiges bound to be forgotten

Topics,conversations,drifted away in a Swift bump

Impossible to regain with no external interest begotten.


All in its measure has its own destine designed,

Even a human being can cover its intricate fears,

Infinite elements gauged with obvious sign.

This whereabouts can be figured out

‘Cause it’s more accesible to our cognition

Yet what about Love wasted,bound to perdition

Does anybody know where it can leak out?»

*Poem translated from another own creation in Spanish named as «¿Hacia donde?»*