My Spain

“There is no better place to live in,

It is a sensation worse than real sin.

Admiring our politicians with other countries fraternized,

Who without hesitating,give away our money at any price.

It must decipher our problems with our identities,

It can’t be possible there are so many in our nation.

There must be a complete cleavage in all entities,

Giving no chance to our national fixation.

We achieve through our demon with mustache

The most despicable and vile genocide.

Through our seagull-shaped eyebrow man a backlash

So intense that thwarted dozens of families’ pride.

Through our curved-shaped tongue man

We discover how virtuous a gentleman can be,

That even swimming against the tide,his plan

For our welfare can be our most desirable plea.

Appreciating from our living room his impeccable oratory

Listening to him is like being absolutely in glory,

In this world one cannot imagine how many people are drawn

To this unique individual who pushes our country more and more on.

There is no such noble Art than Bullfighting

And such idle pastime than torturing,

Leaving women as the main culprit

Becoming hypocrysy our precious pulpit.

Such misfortune is embracing four languages

Due to our understanding is much worse.

Whilst other brag they have uniformity,of course

Claiming there is a necessity to avoid future bandages.

¡How privilege and joyous in this place full of fun

For living in a country willing to integrate everyone,

Where tolerance and respect are followed to a tee

And freedom and democracy is all we can see!”