To my idyllic lover

«They may say Distance means forgetting

Closeness’ most faithful foe,

I cannot forget you though,

Your image for months in my mind has been setting.

Ninety days are such an eternity

For that who now believes in Love

Now trusting in achieving serenity

For life has given me a required shove.

Uncertainty invades my inner soul

Unaware of the magnitud of her scars

Though it might be seen like they’re sole

A relapse can leave her recovery very sparse.

From within,the monster would emanate

And not only it would definitely wait

But also it would be exterminated

For our Love above all things dominated.

In the labyrinth of your soul I meet myself

And in your innocent gaze I lose myself,

Your impeccable kisses penetrate deep inside me

While this summer resembles a winter I cannot see.

You’ve been my light after the darkness

My muse,my inspiration,my spiritual adviser

Your confidence for me is the most harmless

Thing that can every day become a man wiser.

I feel like I’m dying in life by having you aloof

Yet I know my Destiny with you is becoming old

I believe my Love for you I’ll always hold

I can confess my eternal compromise is my best proof»

*Poem translated from another own creation in Spanish titled «A una idílica amante»*