The longest week

«Only the splatter of the solemn rain

Can presage this very unexpected tragedy

An episode of a consequence full of pain,

Even the best prophet couldn’t think of such strategy.

The Love of my life fades away

With her disturbingly beautiful smile

In my mind she needs to stay

Keeping her unusual and distinctive style.

In the corner of my eye a small drop slides

Believing that I will never see you again,

While the rain rages and it stick into my brain

I’m still thinking my heart will divide.

Being paralyzed while you pass by,

Possesing a letter unaddressed

A simple imaginary feint,lousy and shy

Allowing the encounter to be repressed.

Perceiving a word of denial

On her lips that completely shatters me

This situation seems to be a trial

To prove how my felicity delays for me.

Wishing to have you by my side

It’s the most indecipherable joy

The biggest howl of hope for a lonely boy

And I predict this cry someday will be replied.

One cannot foretell the future

Much less the almighty Love

My relief is you could applied your suture

And finally being both the happiest thereof.»

*Poem translated from another own creation in Spanish titled as «La Semana más larga»*