Yearned Reality

“Indelible mark your footprint makes as getting by

Fleeting trail your figure emanates as passing by

No matter how unknown my place in earth I am

For your skin exudes a scent turning my brain into a jam.

By your bewitching beauty I stayed spellbound

So many cravings I could undergo in this instant

Maybe my own sense and perception is blurred and drowned

Or perhaps your presence is essential,even being distant.

Our encounter offers the most unchaste wildness

Kisses,caresses,moans inoculated in my memory such sickness.

I close and open my eyes and you vanished,I see nothing

This strange sensation is a real torment,

While my mood is crying his biggest lament

Not possessing you is like,in my life,I left something”

*Poem translated from another own creation in Spanish titled ”Realidad anhelada”*