Two similar paradoxes

«Often questioned about my emotional condition

A disproportionate frenzy that wraps my vital existence

No matter how far I am,it is quite clear my volition

For her skin exudes a scent which leads me to resistance.

By your bewitching beauty I stayed spellbound

So much my yearning has to be in this instant

That my perception might get a little bit more distant

Or simply your voice must be my favourite sound.

Our encounter offers the most unchaste wildness

Kisses,caresses,moans inoculated in my brain with mildness.

I open and close my eyes and you vanished,I see nothing

This bizarre feeling is a huge torment

While my integrity can barely mean something

Since disowning you is my biggest lament.»

*Poem translated from another own creation in Spanish named as »Dos paradojas similares»*