Closing eyes

«Closing eyes as the greatest sensation

Raging branches unloading their wrath

Upon my desolate and helpless path

Whilst it goes on searching for predation.

Closing eyes,a hug is more intoxicating

Your lover’s Kiss is way more unforgettable

Almost seen as endless,everlasting

And maybe capable of healing any mistake regrettable.

I close my eyes to delight my ears

Which evoke a memory through a melody

From a melody that expels all despicable fears

Though collecting good vibes which serve as remedy.

Feeling you,you make me close my eyes

Eyes whose pupils seen to widen

As any relentless drug that can make you fly

Involving into your organism aiming to frighten.

Eyes that will close endlessly

Even though we try to elude it

Why not accepting this fact worthily

If it has provided us such joy when living it?»

*Poem translated from another own creation in Spanish named as »Cerrando los ojos»*