The Vow

“Our eyes signed a vow which said:

‘We’re licensed to be friend with the right of loving each other

Our souls are bound to share bed

Our Love is tied no matter how it seems to smother’

I cannot tell you anything you don’t know about Poetry

She so wisely looks for a pretext to allure you

Ineffable sensation evoking your figure resembling geometry

Any other women being at your level I never knew.

Instructive moral gifts provided reciprocally

Doing one thousand crazy things ignoring everyone around us

All I learned from you,you taught me to feel regardless my inner fuss

Because your greatness is imposible to gauge exactly.

Fingers encountering and eager to criss-cross

Like if they were destined to never untangle

I wish an uscathed idyll doesn’t mean a loss

Between these lovers whose goals are the best in any angle.

No person would even believe

The unfathomable fidelity two people can plead

Though this vow also an important part leaves:

‘The majesty of our Love will always succeed'”

*Poem translated from another own creation in Spanish named as”El pacto”*