Ode to my land

To the place I was born.

La Brújula

“Your beauty transcends beyond the sea

Your greatness moves my senses

All your corners I’d long for to see

And gaze your Mountains that guard me like fences

What would have I done if I had not

Met you since the beginning of times?

Tis simply something I’ve ever thought

And even impossible making any rhymes

I’m unable of keeping unshaken

When you offer me unconditionally your landscape

You’re a dream which must never be forsaken

And I wonder,Can anyone resist to your shape?

No matter how far I’m away from you

My eternal Love will always be true”

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5 pensamientos en “Ode to my land

    • First of all,thanks for your time! and for supporting my poetry 🙂 I’m from Tenerife,an island which belongs to a peripheral archipelago of seven islands located within the territory of Spain.But in this case,the fact is the poem is depicted at first sight as an Ode to this land but at the same time,all the context embraced in each line can be applied as well to praise an idyllic lover,in other words,an Ode to a Lover.This resource is called ”Dilogía” in Spanish.It is where you can assign the same feeling towards two different elements.Thank you again for dedicating your time.Greetings.Dani 🙂

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