Society Reduced to Nothing

«A world where superficiality is

For us the most superfluous thing in this Earth

Why not feeling with highly profound mirth

That everyone is a useful wiz?

A world where men behave as such

Not depicting themselves as a simple monster

Who denigrate ande despise as much

As they think women are preys to be conquered.

A world where every social exclusion could be a thing of the past

And no torment lingers in our memory

Nor any interfering thought that could thwart our desire to longer last

‘Cause we’ve aspired that goal in our History.

A world where Love is the only thing used

As our main and extraordinary currency

Relinquishing money is an urgent emergency

If we don’t want our moral to be abused.

A world filled with sincere politicians

Not filled with a herd of incompetent people

Whose goal is being the first as a primary mission

At expenses of leaving our nation crippled

That world…that utopian world…

Expecting that somebody hears from me something

We’re still living in a Society Reduced to Nothing.»

*Second part of the poem previously posted and translated from Spanish»Sociedad Reducida a Nada»*

4 pensamientos en “Society Reduced to Nothing

  1. This is very powerful. We should not want to partake in a world of this statue. All that glitters is not gold. We must know that the monsters walk among up. Even though they may be «smart» as a wiz, they are STUPID. For what matters most in the world, has nothing to do with technology but with family. We must redirect our focus to the human relationship and stop feeding our need for instant gratification and social acceptance. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. The nothingness resides in many of us…it comes from the inside and projects outward..and what we are, we receive..the answer is ourselves to the beauty and immediacy that is life..and don’t expect an immediate answer to anything..besides, the questions r far more important than the answers..

    Le gusta a 1 persona

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