Wandering randomly

Quite meaningful poem depicting inner loneliness between a Street crowd.

La Brújula

«I wandered lonely as a cloud

As William Wordsworth used to be

But my path was to sneak through the crowd

Instead on Nature focusing my plea.

Roaming crowdedly alone despite

Ignoring children’s childish plays

Admiring all that wonderful sight

Craving for possessing such beauty one day.

No matter how unknown places seemed hostile

Its beauty provided me an accurate way

Should I imagine the curve of your smile

As something sublime to pray?

For small streets can offer inspiration

Yet holding you in my bosom must be the greatest sensation»

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I Stayed Alone

This is a poem written,I think almost exactly 2 years ago,indeed it was the first ever poem I made and it is a paradox that was in a foreign language…but thus it was originated.Always a pleasure remembering it.

La Brújula

«So I stayed alone in the balcony

Gazing the wooden bar you touched

Now my life has become a monotony

Since I met loneliness as such

Am I going to continue? I have no clue

My aim is just moving on

With all pain I’ve been put through

Not even knowing how far I could’ve gone

Though I know we’ll never see each other

Because we’re meant to walk a different way

Our memories are bound to smother

But I’ll strive not to let them fade away

My relief’s that one day your hand I hold

And that’s a joy more precious than gold»

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