After nearly 2 months and a half undertaking this journey,I can affirm that this blog has surpassed the number of 300 followers.Launching this project was in the first place something related to the spread of MBTI(Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)Personality Psychology theory,and its first purpose was to aim at those people who were a little bit lost in their lives and help them finding some kind of tool by which they can explain their own and everybody else’s flaws and virtues in everyday life actions.It was a tool somehow aimed to work off.As soon as more and more English-native speaking people were joining this blog,I was »forced» to introduce more elements in English(which were exclusively in Spanish) in order to make them feel comfortable and obviously because this was the only way to interact better with them,therefore I introduced all kinds of poems written in English.Last but not least,two things I would like you to know;first,I will keep providing Poetry because it has had very good reception,and secondly,do not doubt in sharing any kind of poem (if you enjoyed it) with all blogs you know as long as you mention the link of this blog,because I am very grateful that in a short period of time like this(15 days ago was the first time I put myself the goal of achieving followers) I got this important number of followers.Thank you so much for the support! Greetings.

Después de 2 meses y poco de la existencia de este blog,me congratula decir que se ha superado la cifra de los 300 seguidores.Y a pesar de que inicialmente solo este blog estaba destinado a difundir la teoría de Myers-Briggs de la Personalidad,(necesaria para el entendimiento personal y conductual de la sociedad)mucha gente al visualizar los poemas y las críticas del blog han reaccionado positivamente y han propiciado que siga en esa misma línea.Realmente a principios de mes,hace escasos 15 o 16 días me propuse verdaderamente adquirir seguidores puesto que para esa época solo tenía 3 ó 4,y mi sorpresa es que unas dos semanas más tarde he superado esta cifra lo que me hace tomar más aliento y seguir aportando todo lo que el público desee y disfrute.Como siempre digo,compartid todos los poemas,críticas sociales que disfrutéis del blog siempre y cuando se mencione al blog y nunca dudéis en preguntar,interactuar,opinar y debatir cualquier tema que aquí se trate.Muchas gracias como siempre por el apoyo y fuertes Saludos!

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