Society reduced to nothing

“Where we are taught to compete

Since an early age eager to beat

Forging an attitude with fierce wickedness

And feelings that discard a future wellness.

Where they are brought up stalkers

Instead of students with values

They are inculcated as violent talkers

Observing their awareness devalued.

Where it’s eased to make something akin to Love

Yest,it is not,we aren’t taught to Love.

We are only taught to pursue manipulation

And those kindly people succumbing that domination.

Where it is widely used “Falsebook”

Pretending to act with a Brand new look

Which really doesn’t define you as a valuable person

Since its purpose is becoming it an “aristocratic lesson”.

Where society takes over souls

At expenses of power and money

Which rule through an authoritarian roles

And weapons found as tools funny.

Where prejudice is the King

And people are its tamed subjects

No matter been governed by useless insects

As long as Law is an abided thing.

Where tolerance fades out

Not even the poorest deserves it

Though the richest can afford it

With resignation it must be looked out.”

*First part of the poem translated from Spanish titled “Sociedad Reducida a Nada”*